QDQD stands for Quick Daily Question Delivery.

The questions will be simple, thought provoking at times, and hopefully eye opening. By answering a single question about yourself daily, you get the chance to share your answer with friends (and get them to share back), have a common point of conversation with an acquaintance, or cut through the awkward silence with a stranger. Some questions will be more difficult than others and sometimes, there will be questions that you just don’t want to answer. That’s okay.

The goal, have more simple conversations, learn more knowledge about each other, and hopefully in start building deeper collective empathy.

More about us as QDQD rolls out!


Hugs and high fives,


PS. Want to read my first 50 answers? I’ve posted a 50 answer rundown on my personal blog for all to read. Enjoy + I use some adult language in there! You’ve been warned.

This is an experiment brought to you by The Empathy Lab.